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Material Comparison High Strength 100 KSI Yield
  Steel Warehouse
Mill Supplied
Thickness .095 to .400 .187 up
Width Up to 72" Up to 120"
Length Up to 90 ft. Upon Inquiry
Surface Excellent Fair to Good
Formability Guaranteed 1.5t inside bend radii 2t inside bend radii
Weldability Room Temp Recommend Preheat
Toughness High Impact High Impact
Brinell AR Ratings 230 Typical 230 min.
Chemical See Data Sheet. See Data Sheet.
Mechanical Properties:    
Yield 100 ksi min. 100 ksi min.
Tensile 110 ksi min. 110 ksi min.
Elongation 15% min. in 2 inches
20-25% typical
10% min in 2 inches
Charpy V-Notch @-40F Varies by gauge.
See Data Sheet.
Varies by gauge.
See Data Sheet.
Format Coil or Sheet Plate
Side Edge Mill or Slit Edge Mill Edge
Cost Reduces Operating Costs Generally Higher
Price Competitive Advantage Generally Higher
Availability 60", 65" & 72" in Stock Mill Rolling Schedule


Whenever the value of the strength-to-weight-to-cost ratio (100ksi) is a high priority, Steel Warehouse TP100 is an immediate option.

Specific Uses Include:

  • Rail Cars
  • RV Frames
  • School Buses
  • Fire Trucks
  • Earth Moving Equipment
  • Vehicle Chassis Members
  • Truck/Trailer Frames
  • Telescoping Crane Booms
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Refuse/Hauling Vehicles

Buyers and engineers now can profit from the design opportunities of a new product allowing them to lighten current 100ksi or upgrade their 80ksi applications.


Excellent cold formability, bending a guaranteed 1.5t inside bend radii in contrast to most A514 suppliers 2.0t radii


Steel Warehouse TP100 can be welded at room temperatures without preheating. It is suitable for conventional or modern welding methods with low tendency to hardening and cold cracking.


Aside from its high strength, light weight features, Steel Warehouse TP100 is temper passed to assure flatness during processing and to provide a quality enhanced surface for appearance and finishing.

Mechanical Properties

Steel Warehouse TP100 readily meets the most demanding mechanical property tolerances through the temper passing of material to eliminate coil set while ensuring flatness and dimensional stability.

Chemical Composition

Steel Warehouse TP100 is a high strength low alloy (HSLA) steel containing low amounts of carbon (.10 max), phosphorous (.025) and sulfur (.006) resulting in a cleaner, more homogeneous material.

Price/Cost Value

Very competitively priced compared with A514 material. Combine the qualities and benefits of Steel Warehouse TP100 and you'll enjoy an unprecedented cost-value.


Immediate availability in 60", 65" and 72" wide material. Other widths less than 72" wide also available upon inquiry.

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